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Custom Comparables, Powering Your Private Company Valuation Analyses

Graphic: VectorMine/ Custom Comparables is a powerful new feature available on the Cyndx platform that displays select valuation multiples for similar, publicly traded companies based on your search criteria. In one simple step, companies can be added, or removed, from your search criteria to dynamically adjust the relevant publicly-traded companies included in the analysis, thus,…

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PRNewswire: Cyndx Launches Projected 2 Raise Algorithm Predicts Which Private Firms May Need Capital

Graphic: puresolution/ Predictive Algorithm Gives Investors Head Start on New Opportunities More Than 6200 Private Companies Are Projected to Raise Capital Over Next 6 Months NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cyndx, the leading investment search and discovery platform, today announced the launch of Projected2Raise (P2R), which identifies private firms likely to raise capital over the next…

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Cyndx’s Projected2Raise Algorithm Predicts Which Private Firms May Need Capital

Graphic: dTosh/ Projected2Raise Cyndx recently integrated a new AI-driven feature called “Projected to Raise” into Cyndx Finder. Projected2Raise uses artificial intelligence to examine publicly available information to identify individual companies that are likely to raise capital in the next six months. Trained from hundreds of thousands of financing transactions and over 15 years of data,…

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Canva Alternatives: Graphic Design made accessible

Graphic: puresolution/ After raising an additional $85M in capital, Canva, the Australian-based design tool platform, has increased its valuation to $3.2bn, up 28% in 5 months. Accessible to the masses, Canva leverages an easy-to-use interface and toolkit to make professional marketing collateral and social media material readily available to anyone, regardless of design skills or…

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Cyndx Index: The world is on fire: who is investing in renewable energy?

Graphic: Vadim Sadovski / Last week’s attacks on Saudi Arabia oil facilities sparked the biggest jump ever in Brent crude futures and hand-wringing about fallout on the global economy. They also underlined the sad fact that the world isn’t doing enough to reduce fossil fuel dependence. Hundreds of thousands of young people from 150 countries took to the streets Friday for the Climate…

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SpaceIQ is a technology and software company that aims to improve efficiency in workplaces, by letting users manage space and real-estate. In recent light of WeWork’s acquisition of SpaceIQ, we wanted to know what the funding landscape and competitors in the workplace software sector looked like. To do this, we used Cyndx Finder to run…

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