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Knotel – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Knotel, a flexible office space operator founded in New York in 2015, has recently raised corporate round of $60 million led by Norwest Venture Partners. With this new injection of capital, the total funding for Knotel rockets to $ 160M. Knotel designs and builds custom agile workspaces for established and growing companies. Moreover, Knotel operates…

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Allbirds – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Allbirds, a environmentally-focused woolen shoe manufacturer, has recently raised $50million in a series C financing, led by T. Rowe Price and Fidelity. This brings the total funding for Allbirds up to $75M. Allbirds creates footwear from sustainable materials to promote eco-friendly fashion-forward styles. Some of the products sold by Allbirds include a eucalyptus tree pulp runner…

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Shift – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Shift Technologies, an online marketplace for used cars, was founded in 2013 in San Francisco with the goal to disrupt the peer-to-peer used car market. Shift has recently raised $140million in equity and debt in a series D financing led by Lithia Motors. Alliance Venture, BMW iVentures, and Highland Capital also participated in this round…

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SHINE – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Shine, a “bank” startup for freelance workers in France founded in 2017, has recently raised $9.3 million in Series A funding led by XAnge. The company previously raised $3.3 million from Daphni (also participating in this round), Kima Ventures and other business angels. This banking alternative firm is building a comprehensive knowledge base on being a freelancer in France,…

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Mydream+ – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Mydream+, a tech-focused office-space service brand founded in Beijing in 2015, has recently raised $120M series C round led by Hillhouse Capital and General Atlantic. With this new injection of capital, the total funding for the company grows to $187.8M. This intelligent workspace firm helps to facilitate the operations of startup and growth tech companies by offering a centralized…

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Cyndx Finder: Discover the World of Private Companies

Cyndx Finder modernizes and streamlines company research and sourcing by providing access to the global universe of companies, broken down by intelligent and similarity searching. The process of conducting due diligence on companies and management teams is taxing. The first step, company sourcing and information collection, often takes weeks of work, a team of analysts,…

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