Sports and Analytics

Sports and Analytics

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As the competitive level of professional sport increases and there is more on the line for athletes, where a micro-second can make the difference between a win or defeat, more team managers and coaches are turning to performance analytics to for key team decisions.

Data-driven insights are taking professional sports beyond “gut” feeling and well beyond “Moneyball” to allow managers to make team decisions and drive strategy to ascertain which players will make the key difference to their teams.


Investment Activity

Cyndx Finder identified 499 companies at the intersection of sports and analytics.  With a median company age of 7 years, we have seen quite a bit of M&A activity, with 62 acquisitions and a median acquisition price of $83M.


Key Players

They top investments were led by Social Starts, First Round Capital and Salesforce Ventures, who collectively have made 28 investments into 14 companies.





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