Extra Insights: May 5, 2020

Extra Insights: May 5, 2020

Today’s Cyndx Insights featured Sensor Tower’s $45M raise. Find more private companies providing mobile app marketing intelligence with Extra Insights, powered by Cyndx Finder.

Private Companies Similar to Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower raised $45 million from Riverwood Capital this week, according to Venture Beat. The San Francisco company develops tools for analyzing and optimizing mobile app performance, and provides intelligence on usage, ads, competitors, and other metrics.

Cyndx searched for other companies selling data solutions for mobile applications, and found over 500 like Sensor Tower. Apptopia, which claims to be the fastest growing app intelligence provider (and is projected to raise), received a similarity score of 99.9%.

Companies Similar to Sensor Tower: 1. Apptopia; 2. IGAWorks; 3. Bidease; 4. Clickky; 5.; 6. TalkingData; 7. Chartboost; 8. Mobusi Mobile Advertising
Top Companies Similar to Sensor Tower

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