Cyndx Owner

Manage Your Cap Table Intelligently

Know who owns what

It is time for educated control

Simplify your Cap Table using Cyndx Owner

Cap tables are essential throughout a business’s life cycle, especially at the
most critical stages of growth


Cyndx Owner streamlines cap table
management through a secure,
cloud-based platform and
consolidated feature set

A Transparent Record of Events

Automatically updated cap table and ledgers
lets you keep track of any share transferring,
repurchasing, or cancelling


 Take Control of your Cap Table

Analyze Hypothetical Financing Rounds with Cyndx Owner

Understand how dilution from future
financing may affect your cap table over time


Stack scenarios to map out financing
strategies to present to board members or
as diligence materials for investors


Create Waterfall analyses to understand the influence financing rounds would play on exit opportunities


Horizontally analyze scenarios, a feature unique to Cyndx Owner, to strategically brainstorm  financing rounds and exit scenarios concurrently

Maintain Compliance through Cyndx Owner

ASC718 and 505-50 Expense reporting provided
through Cyndx Owner at no extra cost

409A services can be requested through the platform, which supports historical documentation and reporting capabilities


All Security Classes


Manage debt and equity financing
events through Cyndx Owner

Features Built to Streamline Your Firm's Growth

Custom Vesting Schedules


Create vesting schedules to
plan equity distributions over time

Stock Incentive Plans


Issue customized employee incentive
plans to help recruiting negotiations

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