Taking Control of Your Capital Raise and Selling Your Company


In this webinar, our panel will discuss the range of capital raising techniques, from financial investors to crowdfunding. Join us to hear their perspectives on solutions to common obstacles, strategies to raise capital virtually, and how to raise capital quickly with technology.

Key insights from this webinar: 

  • How to make your next capital raise virtual. 
  • Expert tips to identify the right investors for your deal and get their attention.
  • The surprising ways businesses are using AI-driven tech to solve capital-raising challenges.
  • How to increase your company’s value through digital asset acquisition. 
  • The steps to take when you’re ready to sell your business.
  • How to connect with investors online. 

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Marvin Abrinica 

CEO, Wunderfund 

Wunderfund helps startups raise capital with public fundraising technology. 

Blake Hutchinson

CEO, Flippa 

Flippa is the #1 platform to buy and sell company websites. 

Liz Marchi

CMO, Two Bear Capital   

Pioneer in building access to capital for entrepreneurs and high-value startups in nontraditional markets.

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