Streamline Your Deal Process

Finally, a platform that has optimized M&A and capital raise processes for advisors…

Simply: we’ve developed a platform that helps you manage getting to the right investors securely.

Manage Your Deals

Cyndx Raiser makes the visualization and management of your deal flow incredibly easy: spend more time advising clients and increase your close rate.

Investor Research Tools

Access to investor insights and histories adapted for your company

Investor Tracking

Use investor analytics to
understand who is interacting
with your deal and why

Capital Raise Focused CRM

Clearly track deal progress
in a CRM built specifically
for managing raises

Enterprise Data Room

SOCA compliant data-room
built into your deal management

Cyndx Dealer

Curate Target Investors

Finding the right target investors is time consuming and critical to a deal’s success. Due to the global, diversified nature of investors today, this task is becoming increasingly challenging.

Cyndx Finder analyzes millions of constantly changing data points in order to automate the curation process and deliver you a precise, comprehensive, up-to-date list every time.

Identify Emerging Opportunities

Cyndx Finder synthesizes thousands of factors across millions of companies so you can actually visualize the relationships that impact areas of rapid innovation and quickly identify focus points that can be most meaningful to you and your business objectives.

Cyndx Finder allows you to uncover relationships between companies, investors and market segments that you would not have been able to identify without our technology.

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