Discover New Opportunities

What if you could identify, analyze and map emerging growth investments as they develop and evolve in real time across the globe?

Cyndx Finder can. And we make it simple, efficient, and intelligent.

Extend Your Reach

You may be a leader in a particular sector, industry or area of expertise today, but what happens when you want to look for growth investments beyond that?

How do you quickly expand into emerging areas or geographies where innovation is happening? How do you quickly screen new investment opportunities and feel comfortable that you’re able to identify all of the potential competitors?

Cyndx Finder makes this process simple: our technology allows you to identify, sort and track the most appropriate opportunities that can allow you to expand into new areas without adding overhead.

Map The Investible Universe

Exploring new industries and markets requires a combination of understanding and foresight in order to take advantage of interesting growth possibilities.

Cyndx Finder synthesizes thousands of factors across millions of companies so you can actually visualize the relationships that impact areas of rapid innovation and quickly identify focus points that can be most meaningful to you and your business objectives.

Identify Investment Opportunities

Researching and screening private companies is a lengthy and difficult process due to the scarcity of structured private company data. It is a given that you miss interesting, emerging players and opportunities.

Cyndx Finder uses deep intelligence to understand your criteria, help you screen out the noise, and quickly focus on only the highest quality targets for growth investment.

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