For Venture Capital

We understand the importance of ensuring VC’s and their respective portfolio companies use the best possible compass to find the ideal set of potential companies and/or co-investors to pursue.  Cyndx has developed AI-driven and VC-specific functionality to help address just that.

Empower your business with Cyndx:

  • Identify emerging sectors and pinpoint the most relevant investment and acquisition opportunities to stay ahead of the game
  • Assess the competitive landscape against any market or company to identify both opportunities and threats to your portfolio companies in seconds
  • Assess the portfolio strategy and movement of your peers and co-investors for a deal in any market or for any company
  • Identify companies projected to raise additional capital within the next six months putting you in the drivers seat when it comes to the opportunity and negotiating a deal
  • Filter by geography, financials, company age, employee count, or capital raised to date 
  • Make your CRM data actionable via a simple integration with the Cyndx platform
  • Enhancing your teams’ collaboration efforts by utilizing our list-making, linking and tagging functionalities
  • Provide your portfolio companies with relevant and potential financial and strategic partners
  • Manage portfolio company introductions to other co-investors
  • Unify all portfolio cap tables in one place and run scenario and waterfall analyses on the fly

The next Shark Bait webinar is August 25! Join us to hear live pitches from early-stage companies and feedback from seasoned investors.