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Make deal search and origination more accessible and efficient

There are great opportunities out there—the seed-stage startup with a great idea, low-profile, high-value SMB, creative M&A idea across unexpected verticals, the potential foreign lookalikes beyond the native english-speaking market. Yet most financial institutions regularly fail to spot them.

The problem is inefficient research. Traditional deal origination requires combing through multiple sources of information, most with disorganized, unstructured data. Creating a target list can take weeks. Even then, relevant opportunities go unnoticed. The list is ultimately limited by the searcher’s time and knowledge (what they should search for), as well as the accuracy and scope of their data sources.

The lack of readily available private and public information limits one’s opportunities. Cyndx is here to provide unmatched private information to make deal search and origination more accessible and efficient.

Quickly grow your deal pipeline

Quickly grow your deal pipeline

At Cyndx, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to make more opportunities visible. AI is the foundation of our search and discovery platform, not just an accessory or gimmick. This was crucial to creating a product that could see more coverage, search intelligently and save time.

See a more expansive coverage

Cyndx incorporates multiple types of data from a range of sources, both proprietary and traditional, providing more expansive coverage of the international private market than other platforms.

See a more expansive coverage
Search intelligently

Search intelligently

Cyndx relies on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to map companies by what they do. It’s able to identify every player who belongs in a particular category at the current moment in time, without the blindspots inherent to human knowledge or static keyword-matching.

Save time and resources

Cyndx doesn’t just aggregate billions of data points—it analyzes them to tell you instantly where to act. With a search bar interface that’s familiar and easy to use, it only takes a few seconds to find the most promising targets.

Save time and resources


Superior investment data, exceptional success

How we conduct our business is just as important as the accuracy of the data we provide. Our core values are the principles that guide us in helping our clients achieve success. We distinguish Cyndx as a service leader and trusted brand which provides our customers with reliable investment data to facilitate the discovery of new opportunities.

Our Leadership

Jim McVeigh

Jim McVeigh

CEO & Founder

Jim has more than 20 years of investment banking experience at Salomon Brothers, DLJ, Credit Suisse and most recently Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch where he ran the Technology, Media and Telecom banking group.

Elise McVeigh Social
Elise McVeigh

Elise McVeigh

Chief Operating Officer

Elise has over 20 years of experience among various roles within senior management at some of the world’s top media companies, including MTV, Discovery, Lifetime, and ESPN.

Elise McVeigh Social
Sebastian Okser

Sebastian Okser

Chief Technology Officer

Wendy Canady

Wendy Canady

Customer Success Manager

Advisory Board

Chuck Davis

CEO Prodege LLC,

Oskar Miel

Managing Partner, Rakuten Capital

Artie Minson

Former Co-CEO, WeWork

Dan Rosenweig

CEO, Chegg

George Scanlon

Former CEO, Fidelity National Financial

Christian Teichmann

CEO/Managing Director, Burda

Stefan Winners

CEO, Lakestar SPAC

Tim Yates

Former CEO,

Gideon Yu

Former CFO, Facebook

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