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AI-Driven Company Search
AI-Driven Company Search

Enable a new era of deal origination

Cyndx Finder is an AI-powered deal search and discovery engine that
uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP)
to identify closely-similar companies for deal sourcing, client
prospecting, and more.

Find acquisition targets in seconds.
Find acquisition targets in seconds.

Cyndx Finder makes it simple to connect with potential acquisition targets. Cyndx’s AI and NLP enriched platform help you find and evaluate the best matches for your company.

Identify companies projected to raise capital.
Identify companies projected to raise capital.

Projected to Raise (P2R) is Cyndx’s proprietary algorithm that ingests and analyzes large amounts of data to determine which private companies are likely candidates for an equity offering within the next six months.

Map complete competitive landscapes.
Map complete competitive landscapes.

See the industry competitive landscape, complete picture of your competitors’ offerings and overall funding performance, helping you map the flow of opportunity in the market that uncover new ways to engage and capture deals.

Capture the right opportunities.

With Cyndx Finder, you can get a list of the right opportunities, right now. Cyndx Finder uses AI and machine learning to ingest and analyze data on millions of companies and transactions, understand current market conditions in the context of your search query, and provide a precise list of opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Map markets

Map markets in seconds.

Streamline the entire deal searching process and reap valuable information leveraging Cyndx Finder’s dynamic mapping capabilities. Dynamic mapping frees companies from static, historical classifications, so you see all of the relevant players in a particular market. Easily search targets in niche, emerging, or intersecting verticals.

Find investment and acquisition deals globally.

With over 26M+ companies market data from multiple sources (traditional, alternative, and proprietary), our platform covers a broader dataset than any other platforms out there. As the dataset grows, so does the platform’s intelligence—which means results are ever more relevant and precise.

Find investment and acquisition deals globally
Make better informed decisions, faster.

Make better and faster informed decisions.

Cyndx Finder allows you to gain visibility into new markets with fresh data that sheds light on where and what it takes to capitalize on an emerging opportunity. Holding onto holistic data will inform your deal strategy with data-driven insights. Cyndx Projected to Raise algorithm identifies companies that are projected to raise capital within the next six months.

Make the most of every deal sourcing opportunity.

Accurately pinpoint growth opportunities and risks
Explore international markets

Cyndx scrapes, translates, and analyzes native language-only domains in seven languages besides English, enabling users to easily explore, map, and break into global markets.

Projected to Raise Companies

Projected to Raise uses Cyndx proprietary AI to identify companies likely to need raise capital within the next six months, with over 86% accuracy.

Niche and Emerging Sectors

Enter a specific term or industry subcategory to search and map sectors by concept. Concepts are dynamically mapped and constantly updated, making them far more accurate and adaptable than keywords.

Growth Metrics

Stay on top of market activity and trends. Filter and target emerging opportunities to engage in the most promising deals. Network with the deal targets you need to communicate with directly.

Custom Comparables

Figure out how much money a private company is worth based on the trading multiples of publicly traded companies in the same industry, and run different scenarios for select companies.

Financial Health

View the profitability of a company—EBITDA, revenue, debt, and cash and equivalent.


Investor Landscape

Identify the most active investors in any vertical. Dive deeper into their portfolios by using filters like median deal size and historical investment range.

CRM Integration

Integrate Cyndx’s search engine with your CRM system and identify historical institutional touchpoints faster. Export Cyndx-generated company or target lists to your CRM system.

AI Technology

Cyndx Finder is an AI-powered deal origination platform that enables you to see the most up-to-date information, near real-time.

How Our clients Use Cyndx Finder


Mergers & Acquisitions Map your competitors, identify bolt-on ideas for clients, and identify potential acquisition opportunities using Cyndx’s proprietary P2R algorithm.


Financial Sponsors Identify new investment or bolt-on acquisition opportunities by enhancing your coverage effort and institutionalizing relationships with leading global private equity firms. Map industry landscapes and competitors.


Research Identify new investment or bolt-on acquisition opportunities by enhancing your coverage effort and institutionalizing relationships with leading global private equity firms. Map industry landscapes and competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most commonly asked questions related to our products and services

Can Cyndx assist with potential investment opportunities?2023-07-03T11:49:40+00:00

Yes, it assists in the discovery and evaluation of potential investment opportunities, strategic partnerships, and acquisition targets. The platform grants access to an extensive database comprising companies, investors, and valuable market insights.

What’s the difference between an investor search on Cyndx Finder and Cyndx Raiser?2023-07-03T11:48:55+00:00

Cyndx Finder is more sector driven. It will show a full view of active players in a market. On the other hand, Cyndx Raiser is more transaction-specific. It will show how to find the best match for a particular fundraise or strategic acquirer.


Can I pull target lists in Finder?Explorer is a Cyndx Finder feature which allows you to create custom queries for information in the Cyndx dataset (so you are not limited to just searching for a company or concept — you could search by location, job title, etc.)

What does it mean by Dynamic Mapping?2023-07-03T11:48:22+00:00

Dynamic mapping refers to how companies are “mapped” by their relative similarity—so, companies which are more similar are closer together, while companies which are less similar are further apart.

Can Cyndx help expedite due diligence?2023-07-03T11:48:02+00:00

Cyndx can potentially help to shorten this process by screening for companies with certain characteristics (financials, IP, strategic fit) during the initial search.

Does Cyndx Finder provide a view of how public and private companies are trading?2023-07-03T11:47:28+00:00

Yes. Cyndx has a custom comparables tab which shows all companies with financials in the cohort to better understand how private companies in that space will be trading. You can view financial multiples in a list and dynamically update your preferred comparison by selecting or removing companies to include. 

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