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AI-Driven Company Search
AI-Driven Company Search

Discover the right investors for your capital raising efforts

Cyndx Raiser is an AI-powered investor identification platform which can help you find prospective investors based on certain quantitative and qualitative criteria to raise capital. Cyndx Raiser analyzes millions of transactions to identify a precise list of the most relevant potential investors or acquirers for any deal.

Enter your criteria
Enter your criteria.

Fill in your deal criteria and goals, Cyndx Raiser will compare your company to millions of other companies around the globe while analyzing 132K+ investors to find who’s financing similar companies at your level of funding.

Discover new investors
Discover new investors.

Explore financial and strategic investors, ranked by their relevance to your search criteria. Get visibility into average check size and previous investments.

Compare approaches
Compare approaches.

Get detailed information on an investor’s portfolio, distilled into key insights on average deal size, sector specialization, and similar transactions.

Accelerate investor identification.

Cyndx Raiser offers the most extensive private market dataset available, with an ever-growing database of financial and strategic investors worldwide. Use Cyndx Raiser as part of your capital raising process and identify prospective investors or acquirers with different financial and industry profiles.

AI-driven investor search, built with a human touch

Leverage AI to help you raise capital.

Cyndx Raiser is the premiere AI-driven investor search for businesses looking to supercharge growth. Advanced proprietary algorithms alongside world-class expertise and support help you identify the right partners for your company.

Get the right investor for your business.

Cyndx Raiser makes it easy for you to find the right investor so you can focus on building your business. Filter results by location, investor type, average deal size, sector expertise, and other relevant criteria.

Get the right investor for your business in record time
Connect with decision makers globally in a single platform

Connect with decision makers globally.

Get the most comprehensive view of the global startup and investor landscape. Discover companies that match your ideal investor persona and reach out to them with verified contact data.

Find the right investor for your business fast.

Accurately pinpoint growth opportunities and risks
Investor Lists

Quickly understand how you can reduce cost, optimize effort, eliminate waste, and increase profitability.

Projected Cash Flow

Plan for change, and be ready to enable business growth with detailed and easy-to-read cash flow forecasts.

Investor Comparables

Compare and contrast potential strategies based on trading multiples of publicly traded companies in the same industry to help you make better decisions when selling your business.

Investor Insights

Find the most active investors in any industry. Assess investors’ and co-investors’ portfolio strategies and investment preferences.

Track and Manage

Share, save, and export contact lists. Add custom notes and tags to enhance collaboration across your team.

Precision Filters

Filter by geography, investor type, median deal size and other relevant criteria.

How Our clients Use Cyndx Raiser


Startups Identify potential investors and assess their portfolio strategies using Cyndx’s advanced proprietary algorithm.


Entrepreneurs Map comprehensive markets with a single search and enhance your coverage by cultivating relationships with leading global private equity firms and investors.


Research Discover the most relevant investors quickly and easily. Explore previous transactions, deal range, median deal size, and other key metrics for both financial and strategic investors.

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Learn more about what’s happening in the market right now that can help
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most commonly asked questions related to our products and services

How does Cyndx Raiser help businesses?2023-07-03T11:54:03+00:00

Cyndx Raiser utilizes its advanced search algorithm to identify and curate a list of relevant financial and strategic investors for businesses. It helps businesses curate a list of investors and connect those who are looking to raise capital to potential investors who have shown interest in companies at a similar stage and within their specific industry.

Is Cyndx Raiser a part of the Cyndx Starter Kit?2023-07-03T11:53:36+00:00

Yes it is! Cyndx’s Starter Kit is an all-inclusive package designed to expedite your fundraising efforts by offering a complete roadmap backed by the largest private market dataset in the industry. 

Does Cyndx Raiser have investor contact information available?2023-07-03T11:53:15+00:00

Yes. Cyndx has contact information readily available once you are ready to reach out to your investors. You can access the contacts of the company from the search results page.

What if I can’t find a company in the Raiser search bar?2023-07-03T11:52:47+00:00

If you cannot locate your desired company within our database, it is possible that it is not currently included. Not to worry! You can submit a request and we will get that company added shortly.

Can I use Cyndx Raiser even if I’m still in stealth?2023-07-03T11:52:06+00:00

Yes, using Cyndx Raiser there is still a strategic way to run an investor search for your next fundraise

If I run out of Cyndx Raiser runs, can I purchase additional runs?2023-07-03T11:50:20+00:00

Yes, you may purchase additional Raiser runs by reaching out to [email protected] or [email protected] for assistance.

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