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One Platform. Three Solutions.

Cyndx’s Starter Kit is an all-in-one package designed to help you jumpstart your fundraising efforts by curating a clear capital raising by identifying the most likely and relevant potential investment partners. Backed by the market’s most extensive private company dataset, giving users unmatched reach and precision in discovering capital, middle market companies poised for growth and acquisition opportunities.

Find acquisition targets in seconds.
Investor Identification

Cyndx Raiser is an artificial intelligence–driven investor identification platform that generates a targeted list of potential investors from a database of millions of deals and investment relationships.

Identify companies projected to raise capital.
Business Valuation

Cyndx Valer is a company valuation tool that helps businesses understand the potential value of their company, faster and more accurately.

Map complete competitive landscapes.
Cap Table Management

Cyndx Owner is an easy-to-use cap table management software that helps businesses better understand and manage their capital structure.

A curated list of potential investors for your fundraise.

Identify and reach out to the most relevant investors for any deal using an AI-powered platform that offers the most extensive private market dataset available and an ever-growing database of financial and strategic investors worldwide.

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Map markets

Get business valuation insights on your company.

Accelerate your business valuation process using an AI driven valuation platform that leverages Cyndx’s massive private and public company dataset and AI to power methods such as DCF, VC, or Public Comparables.

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Manage and understand your capital structure.

Build cap tables, stock option plans, and vesting schedules using an easy-to-use cap table management software that gives you a unified view of your capital structure and powerful scenario modeling capabilities to evaluate how deals will impact ownership.

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Cap table summary
Make better informed decisions, faster.

Boost your credibility in front of prospect investors.

Cyndx understands the challenges most entrepreneurs face when getting in front of investors. It can take time to earn an investor’s trust, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur. With Cyndx’s Starter Kit, you’ll have more insights about your business, understand the implication of your potential capital raise and better understand the driver of value for your business in a unified view so that you can be better positioned to engage with potential investors.

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Make the most of every deal sourcing opportunity.


How Our clients Use Cyndx


Entrepreneurs Create a data driven, thoughtful pitch for your next fundraise and map comprehensive markets with a single search to enhance your relationships with leading global investors.


Investment Bankers Discover, research and engage with the most relevant middle market companies. Be in front of transactions before they happen. Bring timely, relevant data into your discussions and analysis — keeping your due diligence process efficient and organized with a platform that collects all the relevant data in one place.


Private Equity / Venture Capital Funds Identify emerging trends, capital and IP formation. Have timely and relevant topics to engage with your prospective postpects. Be in front of potential investment opportunities and acquisition opportunities before they happen.

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