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Disrupt the M&A and research process with Cyndx Finder

The process for identifying M&A targets has remained largely unchanged and depends
primarily on personal relationships


It is time for intelligent innovation

Utilize deep data and filters
to generate novel insights

Cyndx Finder's dynamic filtering offers advanced
insights into a company's positioning,
operations, and growth potential


Expedite your diligence process based on what companies say they do

Cyndx Finder provides you with ranked relevant companies in your target area of interest


Intelligent Insights

Search a company


Cyndx Finder powerfully analyzes
textual data from millions of companies
and pinpoints similar connections
between companies


Parameterize results to match your requirements.

Conduct initial due diligence within the platform,
make lists and track your target companies


Create Industry-Focused Opportunity Lists

Refine results into navigable lists for
future analyses


Save lists and export to CSV format to facilitate strategic planning or to share among your team


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