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Raise Capital More Efficiently

Identify relevant investors with Cyndx Raiser

Raising capital is expensive and uncertain.
Cyndx Raiser empowers you or your
investment banker by equipping you with
the tools to streamline every step of the process.


It is time for intelligent, data-driven identification

Built for Raising Capital

Indicate your industry of focus and your funding goals


Cyndx Raiser intelligently analyzes
data from millions of funding rounds to
curate a bespoke list of the most relevant
investors for your deal.


Utilize the Cyndx Raiser CRM to expedite
outreach and monitor investor engagement.

Secure and share diligence documents through
permission-only data rooms to expedite your deal.


Identify the right investors

Curated and ranked based on your funding goals

Research investors’ profiles,
historic check sizes, co-investors,
and portfolio companies to understand
your company’s place in an investor’s fund.


Capitalize on contact information provided
through Cyndx Raiser and reach the right
people in the most efficient way.


Initiate investor outreach through Cyndx Raiser
and its feature-rich CRM.


Investor contact information

Expedite outreach with provided investor contact lists and LinkedIn profiles

Investor engagement tracking

Understand your deal’s movement by tracking investor profile views and data room access

Professional CRM Tools

Deal designed investor statuses

Indicate stage of deal relations with investors by assigning periodic communication statuses during outreach

Efficient notes and meeting documentations

Maintain up-to-date records of meetings and interactions with investors through in-platform note documentation

Cloud-based data room

Store diligence documents with our integrated data room providers to streamline investor negotiations

Facile document upload and sharing

Retain structure and save time using the ‘Drag and Drop’ folder upload structure.

Enterprise Grade Data Room

Industry-grade security storage

Feel confident in the
security of your data, with either Box or
CapLinked-powered data rooms.

Customized permission-based access

Personalize access to data rooms, even down to the file level, through unique permission settings.

Leading Data Room Providers

Choose between Box or CapLinked data room services to
manage and share documents with potential investors.

Organized Folder Structure

Upload directly from the cloud or drag and drop
folders from your desktop to maintain structure.

Sort documents for easy investor
permissioning and navigation.

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