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AI-Driven Business Valuation

Cyndx Valer is an AI-driven company valuation tool that uses machine learning to analyze company financials and generate reports and insights. Using Cyndx’s comparables and proven valuation methods, entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts get an accurate picture of a company’s worth quickly and easily.

Uncover what your true value is in just a few clicks.
Uncover a company’s true value in minutes.

Cyndx Valer uses artificial intelligence to streamline the valuation process. Input your financial information and our algorithms will generate a report of the results.

Get better understanding of your business
Understand your business and market better.

Understand the factors that drive your company’s value and leverage this knowledge and valuation reports in your negotiations.


Be prepared for your next round of funding or next growth strategy
Plan your next round of funding or growth strategy

After inputting financial information and comparables, you’ll receive a detailed, actionable report that can inform your growth strategy.

Speed up the business valuation process.

Take the guesswork out of business valuation. Cyndx Valer’s AI-driven business valuation helps you draw a precise value of your business in minutes. Easily uncover your company’s estimated value based on proven valuation methods used by investors, venture capitalists, and deep domain experts.

Intelligent Business Valuation Platform
Plug and play. Accurate results, in seconds.

Uncover a company’s true market value.

Evaluate your business’ worth in minutes while reducing the margin of human error. Simply input your financials, parameters, comparable companies, and voila! You’ll get a detailed valuation report that contains projected cash flows, revenue growth, equity value, and more with our smart and intuitive company valuation tool.

Gain more intelligence around the market.

To maximize the value of your business and protect yourself from an undervalued exit or sale, it’s critical to have a framework that will help you spark an educated discussion with banks and acquirers. Cyndx Valer uses third party and proprietary data pipelines that bring the most up-to-date and accurate data, even in an ever evolving market.

Powered by algorithms, curated by experts
Make smart, well-informed decisions

Make smart, well-informed decisions

Using company comparable multiples, you gain more clarity on how much your business is worth. DCF and VC methods are both available in Valer that allows you to generate an accurate estimate of the company’s free cash flow and projected revenue in the coming years.

Get access to leading market data and comparables.

Accurately pinpoint growth opportunities and risks
Dashboard Overview

Quickly understand how you can reduce cost, optimize effort, eliminate waste, and increase profitability.

Global Investor Ecosystem

Easily find the most relevant investors for your business across the globe.

Custom Comparables

Determine the value of a private company based on the trading multiples of publicly traded companies in the same industry.

Liquidation Value

Understand the final value that your business will receive when your asset is sold or liquidated and make more informed decisions about your investments.

Discounted Cash Flow

Make a more confident informed opinion, whether you’re estimating the cost of a specific project, buying stock in a publicly traded company, or investing in a private company.


Receive a deep dive one page report on your equity with clearly stated assumptions, calculations and breakdown discrepancies in the value between similar firms and capture every opportunity.

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