New product enhancement delivers more rapid, relevant insights into the private markets

New York, NY— March 29, 2022Cyndx, the leading AI-enabled search and discovery platform that offers users unmatched reach and precision in discovering and connecting growth opportunities among global private market participants, has announced its new Explorer search tool that will help investors gain even deeper insights, enabling them to make smarter and faster investment decisions.

Cyndx Explorer is an in-platform business intelligence suite that provides direct access to Cyndx’s comprehensive dataset of over 16 million companies from approximately 240 countries. Cyndx’s subscribers can now use the Explorer tool to create custom queries that easily track and identify relevant information associated with their investment mandates or areas of interest, and build their own shareable dashboards and data visualizations. The new tool complements Cyndx Finder, the AI-driven M&A deal origination and investment research engine, by providing investors with deeper insights and greater visibility into private markets.

Jim McVeigh, CEO of Cyndx, commented: “When it comes to sourcing proprietary deals, efficiency and speed are crucial. Explorer allows our users to create custom, proprietary queries that address their specific needs while also accessing millions of additional data points that were previously not available. To us, it’s just another step in the journey of bringing the power of our ever-increasing dataset to our users.”

Explorer allows users to easily track and identify relevant information on specific companies and verticals from their Analytics Dashboard, with queries such as companies who are ‘projected to raise’, CEO contact information, capital raised in the past thirty days, total acquisitions in the space by region, and much more.

Queries are defined in three ways: Measures (quantitative values such as total number of funding rounds that occurred within a given time frame), Dimensions (qualitative values such as company or contact names), and Time (specific date ranges). These criteria can be combined and adjusted as needed to deliver a custom result. For example, if a user is looking for a CFO with experience working for a venture-backed company in a particular sector and located in a particular part of the world, Explorer rapidly delivers to that user a list of relevant CFOs and their contact information.

Explorer is a valuable addition to Cyndx’s suite of search and discovery solutions, which clients rely on for depth, accuracy, and reliability of private market data.

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About Cyndx

Cyndx is the most powerful AI-enabled platform for discovering and connecting growth opportunities for companies and investors. The company’s proprietary AI-based algorithms, combined with the most up-to-date and accurate data on more than 16 million private companies, deliver meaningful insights that enable successful growth decisions. For startups looking to raise capital, venture capital or private equity firms looking to invest, or M&A specialists searching for the next acquisition targets for their clients, Cyndx surfaces strategic insights with unrivaled accuracy, speed and relevance.

Designed by bankers, investors, and data scientists, Cyndx’s products include: Cyndx Finder, Cyndx Raiser and Cyndx Owner. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

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