Owner will complement Cyndx’s existing capital raise solution, Raiser, to help business leaders with their funding plans  

New York, NY—September 22, 2021—Cyndx, the AI-enabled search and discovery platform for identifying growth opportunities among private market participants, has announced today the launch of Owner, a new product that provides easy-to-use cap table management for startups and private companies. Designed to facilitate growth, Owner offers an efficient way to manage a private company’s capitalization table and allows for sophisticated scenario modeling and waterfall analysis capabilities that generate actionable insights for capital raising.

With Owner, founders can communicate company value in real time, assess various capital raise options, and understand the financial implications of offers (term sheets) from investors. Owner empowers users to weigh the critical effects of alternative sources of capital on potential returns and shareholder voting power. Owner gives founders, executives, and investors a clearer view of the impact of a term sheet on equity dilution, enabling them to negotiate from a position of strength.

Owner is particularly valuable when used in conjunction with Cyndx’s existing Raiser and Finder products. While Owner’s cap table management capabilities help prepare companies for term sheet evaluation, Raiser helps founders identify the right investors for their next rounds of funding. Conversely, Cyndx’s Finder product is used by private equity and venture capital firms to find great companies to invest in, many of which are often difficult to find or not found at all using traditional databases.

“We launched Cyndx to introduce a level of efficiency within the private capital markets that did not exist previously. Today, with its expanded functionality, Owner represents a major step forward in our mission,” noted James McVeigh, Founder and CEO of Cyndx. “This is a game changer for companies who are looking to bring in growth capital. Founders and leadership teams alike can now better understand the implications of the various capital raise term sheets they receive and attain more awareness of how their ownership structure will change so that they can make better decisions about which option to select. We have also priced the product so that even early-stage companies with limited resources can easily harness the full power of the platform.”

Owner is designed to facilitate portability of cap table data and meet the needs of companies regardless of where they are in their lifecycle. Owner is available in three subscription models: Freemium (for up to 50 shareholders), Premium, and Enterprise. To learn more about Cyndx, or to sign up for Owner, please visit www.cyndx.com.

About Cyndx

Cyndx is the most powerful AI-enabled platform for discovering and connecting growth opportunities for companies and investors. The company’s proprietary AI-based algorithms, combined with the most up-to-date and accurate data on more than 14M private companies, help deliver meaningful insights that enable successful growth decisions. Be it a startup looking to raise capital, a venture capital or private equity firm looking to invest, or an M&A specialist searching for the next acquisition target for their client — Cyndx surfaces strategic insights with unrivaled accuracy, speed, and relevancy.

Founded in 2013 by bankers, investors, and data scientists, the company’s core product suite includes Cyndx Finder, Cyndx Raiser and Cyndx Owner. Cyndx is headquartered in Florida.

For more information visit www.cyndx.com or email [email protected].

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