Predictive Algorithm Gives Investors Head Start on New Opportunities

More Than 6200 Private Companies Are Projected to Raise Capital Over Next 6 Months

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2019 — Cyndx, the leading investment search and discovery platform, today announced the launch of Projected2Raise (P2R), which identifies private firms likely to raise capital over the next six months. P2R’s predictive algorithm gives Cyndx users a head start over other investors in the scramble to identify promising private investment opportunities before anyone else. Total global capital raising has also fallen approximately 53%, with the number of deals falling from 3,834 in February 2019 to just 1,789 in February 2020.

The Cyndx platform uses artificial intelligence and semantic processing to analyze textual data from more than 7.8 million tracked companies, 1.4 million acquisitions and early stage investment rounds, as well as 150,000 investors and over 4,000 family offices. The addition of the P2R algorithm goes a step further by allowing VCs, private equity firms, investment bankers, broker-dealers, family offices, and corporations to quickly scan industries, sub-sectors and regions and surface promising private companies that are likely to raise to raise capital over the next 6 months.

“Our clients already know how Cyndx helps investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs find each other faster and more effectively,” said James McVeigh, founder and CEO of Cyndx. “Projected2Raise takes things to a new level by giving our clients the ability to look around the corner and spot private investment opportunities before everyone else, saving them time and increasing the probability of getting a deal done.”

P2R does not use companies’ internal financial information and instead relies on publicly available information about private companies. P2R’s predictive algorithm can identify a company projected to raise capital in the next two quarters if that company has raised at least one round of capital in the past. As of Oct 23, P2R has projected that more than 6,200 private companies will raise capital over the next two quarters in sectors ranging from fintech (200+ companies), eSports (140+), and mobile gaming (120+) to cybersecurity and cryptocurrency (80+ each).

About Cyndx

Founded in 2013, Cyndx is an AI-powered financial technology tool that makes it easier to discover business opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Seasoned investment bankers, data scientists, and M&A specialists created Cyndx’s secure cloud-based solutions to help companies, including startups and financial institutions, access comprehensive, algorithmically-curated investor information and strategic recommendations to enhance their capital raising and M&A efforts. A fast-growing community of the world’s top tier investment banks, two of the top global venture capital funds, private equity firms and family offices already use Cyndx to search for new opportunities. Cyndx has facilitated nearly $1 billion in transactions so far.

Cyndx offers three powerful tools: (i) Cyndx Finder, which identifies the most relevant companies within a target area of interest and offers advanced insights into a company’s positioning, operations and growth potential; (ii) Cyndx Raiser, which analyzes data from millions of funding rounds to curate a bespoke list of the most relevant investors for any deal; and (iii) Cyndx Owner, which streamlines capitalization table management, allowing private companies to track share transfers, repurchases, and cancellations, as well as analyze hypothetical financing rounds.